Our Environment

Set on the shore of Lake Windermere, Lakeside is one of the largest professional outdoor activity centres in the country. We work with schools, youth groups, families and businesses, providing high quality residential and day experiences, all designed to inspire young people to grow in body, mind and spirit.

We are here for all young people, but our particular focus is to provide life changing experiences for those who have a greater struggle to succeed in life, whether because they live in deprived areas, find school difficult, have started to get into trouble or suffered personal tragedies.

In our beautiful natural environment, we take children and young people often from urban and inner city surroundings and provide them with a wide range of fun and exciting outdoor activities –

– from canoeing to sailing to rock climbing to abseiling to speedily zipping down a wire over the Lake’s waters.

Through our outdoor challenges we are able to test leadership, communication and problem solving skills as well as ways of looking at resolving conflict, making decisions and working as a team. Most importantly we help young people learn from both success and failure!

Across our North and South Camps, Lakeside can accommodate up to 553 people (including staff) in lodges, dormitories, chalets and a tented village. In addition, on site we also have several catering facilities, 6 conference and venue facilities, a chapel, office accommodation and various other ancillary building’s that support the operation of the centre.