Faahd’s Lakeside Experience

Lakeside is definitely a place to invest in, so that other young people like me, can enjoy activities, learn new things, make new friends and have fun, away from their problems.

Faahd, 17 years old, Tameside, Greater Manchester

Faahd’s father died six years ago. Aged just 13, Faahd became his mother’s full time carer. Stressed and tired, he struggled in school and could not imagine his future. Attending Lakeside gave him a new perspective on life, and inspired his career ambitions. Faahd is now at college studying Level 1 Brickwork.

“It’s really tough caring for my mum. She needs me there all the time. I do a lot for her. I wash up, do the house work, the shopping and try to be there whenever she calls me……which is a lot. It’s a lot to take on your shoulders”.

“It’s hard taking on mum’s stress when I have my own things to worry about. I feel like it’s my job to make her happy. But that means sometimes I just feel too tired for school – too tired to learn”.

Faahd came to Lakeside for a short break – but it changed Faahd’s life in a big way. “I came to Lakeside just to chill out and relax. But when I saw all the activities you could do, it was really exciting”.

“I’ve spent so much time on my own – it was great to work in a team. They put you in groups with people you don’t know and you get to mix with people you wouldn’t normally talk to”.

Faahd has developed his team work and social skills. Lakeside inspired his plans for a career and his future.

“I loved the raft building. I didn’t even know I enjoyed making and building things before I came here. I wouldn’t be doing my brickwork course if it wasn’t for Lakeside”. For Faahd the location of Lakeside was one of the best and most important things about his experience.

“When I arrived here, they took me down to the jetty one night and I looked up at the stars and there was one really bright star. I thought: that’s dad up there looking over me”.

“Now if ever I’m really stressed I go to the park, look up at the stars and feel better about things. Obviously I’d rather be back at Lakeside doing it! But I’ll always have that now”.

Without Lakeside Faahd would have had no release from such stress at a young age. He has new hopes and dreams and has developed an inner strength.